P-1 (Internationally Recognized Athlete or Member of Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group)


Athletes and entertainers are an essential portion of healthy cultural exchange. The global community benefits greatly from the work of each country’s greatest athletes and performers.
P-1 visas are issued to athletes or athletic teams and entertainment companies that have been internationally recognized as outstanding for a long and continuous period of time. A consultation is required. A consultation is a written advisory opinion from an appropriate labor organization that has expertise in the area of the alien’s sport or entertainment field confirming the group’s standing in the industry.

Entertainment groups with an outstanding international reputation can be granted P-1 classification as a unit. 75% of the group must have been together 1 year or more. However, individual entertainers within these groups cannot apply for separate visas.

P-1 athletes may be admitted for up to 5 years with one extension for a similar period of time. P-1 Visas for an athletic team or entertainment group may not exceed 1 year.

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