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Hart Immigration Law is Conveniently located in the heart of Southern California, Hart Immigration (Professional Corporation) is an immigration law firm focused on serving the needs of U.S. companies and foreign nationals in their quest for immigration services. Hart Immigration is a boutique law firm combining the service and efficiency of a small firm with the resources of a much larger firm to offer its clients superior legal representation.

Service Philosophy: When clients retain our firm, we consider it a sacred trust, which binds us not only to the immigration services to be performed but to the individual(s) or company(ies) whose efforts and hopes and dreams have culminated in the decision to petition or apply for immigration benefits in the United States.

Scope of Law: We practice Immigration and Nationality Law exclusively. Our international immigration law firm is established using the latest office technology permitting us to practice virtually anywhere in the world.

Fees: Our fees are extremely reasonable and most importantly, our clients always feel that they have received more than their money’s worth.

Who do we represent?

We represent for-profit and non-profitU.S.companies who would like to employ talented foreign workers.

We represent for-profit and non-profit foreign companies who want to establish subsidiaries in the United States.

We represent athletics teams, entertainment companies and cultural exchange groups.

We represent individuals in their capacity as petitioner or applicant, as fiancé(e), spouse, child, employee, lottery winner, investor, special immigrant, refugee, political asylee, temporary protected status beneficiary, agricultural worker, business and/or tourist visitor, temporary specialty worker, temporary nonagricultural worker, temporary trainee, intra-company transferee, executive, manager, treaty trader, treaty investor, student, exchange visitor, person of extraordinary ability in the arts, athletics, science, business or education, athlete, entertainer, scientist, business leader, professor, support staff, accompanying relative, student, participant in a reciprocal exchange program, member of a culturally unique group, religious worker, battered spouse, battered child, and more . . .

We represent persons with barriers to admissibility in the United States, persons who are in detention and removal proceedings, persons who want to become U.S. citizens, persons who seek extension of their visas or a change of status and more . . .

Where do we represent you? We are currently representing clients in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, and all through the Americas.

How does Hart Immigration Law represent you?

Ms. Hart has been engaged in the profession of law for 20 years. During that time she has observed that the common denominator for a majority of attorneys is that the client is made to feel unimportant and that s/he is imposing on the attorney’s valuable time.

The client is made to feel unimportant in various ways:

The attorney does not return the client’s calls for days; the attorney’s responses to the client’s questions are curt and abrupt; the attorney’s demeanor is arrogant and condescending; the attorney often allows himself/herself to be interrupted by phone calls and his/her staff while a client is consulting with him/her; the attorney uses legal jargon to further alienate the client; the client is kept guessing as to how his/her case is being handled and as to the status of his/her case; and the client is discouraged from contacting his/her attorney, thus creating a feeling of insecurity and unpredictability, exactly what the client was trying to prevent in his/her life when s/he retained the attorney in the first place.

In court, many attorneys will have their client’s case continued because they are not prepared or are too busy to prepare for the case, thus putting their client’s life on hold even longer. Many attorneys focus on legal fees instead of their client.

Ms. Hart understands that the attorney-client relationship is one of trust. Trust is not just a concept to be used as a sword in the attorney-client relationship, such as where the attorney will often tell the client to trust him or her, no matter what. It is customary for clients to feel uncomfortable because in most cases, the client has never retained an attorney before and the profession suffers from a bad reputation.

Ms. Hart does not believe that “trust” is merely a concept. She substantiates the trust that her clients places in her through certain definite actions as follows:

Consultation: The attorney explains the strategies and reasons underlying the services in plain English in a professional manner with no attitude. All of the ramifications and consequences are also thoroughly gone over with patience and care.

What a client can expect during representation:

We guide you every step of the way

  1. From intake where you are providing us with your information
  2. Throughout the course of representation
  3. Though completion, whether it be a visa, a green card, a naturalization certificate or termination of deportation proceedings.

We provide expert representation at every stage

  1. Courteous, professional service delivered with patience and care.
  2. The attorney returns telephone calls promptly.
  3. The attorney responds to emails promptly.
  4. The attorney communicates in easy to understand language assuring that the client has full understanding of the counsel.
  5. Our firm provides a copy of all filings to the client.
  6. Our firm provides a copy of the agency’s responses to the client.
  7. The attorney will prepare you thoroughly for all appearances.
  8. The attorney arrives early and prepared at all appearances.

In Court:

Prepared, persuasive and professional oral and written presentations delivered in a timely manner.

Written Documentation:

  • Detailed and deliberated preparation of documents;
  • Professional presentation of evidence resulting in a complete package conforming to the particular agency’s procedures and designed to be visually integrated so as to appeal to even the most discriminating adjudicator or judge.
  • Everything is revised before submission to ensure the most perfect output.


Careful submission of documents with tracking and confirmation of receipt.

Follow-ups on tracking and confirmation of receipt.

Inquiries at appropriate intervals.


  • Meticulous handling of your original documents.
  • Superb organization so that no case ever falls through the cracks.
  • Calendaring of your case and follow-ups.

As you browse through our list of services, hopefully you will also become sufficiently informed about the different types of visas available. Our intention is to provide you with the minimum information to help guide you in the most suitable visa for your situation. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our office. We look forward to serving you.