Reclassification” under Proposition 47 (also called “Record Change”) allows people with certain low-level, nonviolent felonies to change those convictions to misdemeanors.  You are not excluded if you served a prison sentence.

Reduction” under Penal Code 17(b) is another law that allows people to reduce some felony convictions to misdemeanors.  A case is not eligible if the person was sentenced to prison for the case, even if no prison time was actually served.  There are many convictions that are eligible for a Penal Code 17(b) reduction that are not eligible for Prop. 47 reclassification.

“Expungement,” also known as “set aside and dismissal” in California, allow people to seek a specific type of dismissal of their prior case.  Most misdemeanors, felonies and non-traffic infractions that didn’t result in a prison sentence are eligible for expungement.  Offenses that resulted in local prison sentences are also eligible for expungements.  Convictions that resulted in a prison sentence are ineligible for this relief.

“Clean Slate Practice” refers to a practice of law where attorneys draw from all legal remedies available to assist individuals with both legal and civil issues in order to help them overcome the barriers that flow from incarceration, also defined as the “collateral consequences of incarceration.”

Source: ILRC


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