Our office routinely files separate applications for work permits, which allows you to work while your application for a green card is pending. Two photos and a filing fee must accompany the application.


The USCIS has 90 days to make a decision on your employee authorization application. If a decision is not issued within 90 days, at your request, an interim employment authorization valid for 240 days will be issued. To receive an interim card, you must make an InfoPass appointment and go in person to the USCIS local office having jurisdiction over your place of residence and show your fee receipt. An interim work authorization card should be issued at that time.


If 240 days elapse and you still have not received a final decision on your application, you must stop working. Interim work authorization cards will not be renewed. However, at this point, we may file a new application and if you do not receive a decision on the new application within 90 days, you will then be entitled to another interim work authorization card.

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