Types of Employers


Technical Issues


The employer or the company who is sponsoring you does not have to be American so long as the employer or the company is qualified to do business in the United States. The employer may one of the following entities:


  • Company
  • Institution
  • Organization
  • Individual
  • Agent


Employer’s Responsibility


Hart Internals_0002_Technical Issues_Employer's Responsibility


During the petitioning process, the employer must supply financial records to the USCIS. The sole purpose for these records is to ensure that the business has sufficient funds to pay your wages.


The employer must guarantee to pay you the market wage for your position during the time you are actually employed.


The employer is not required to assume any further financial responsibility.


The employment is at-will, meaning that you can be let go at any time.



Start of Employment

Hart Internals_0001_Technical Issues_Start of Employment


If you have a non-immigrant work visa, you are probably already working for your employer. Otherwise, only when your green card application is approved can you begin lawful employment.

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