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Representatives of Information Media


A foreign national who is a bona fide representative of foreign press, radio, film, or other foreign information media, who seeks to enter the United States solely to engage in their vocation based upon a reciprocal program between the U.S. and their home country, will be granted an I Visa for the duration of their employment.


Type of Media:


Foreign press, radio, film, television, video or other foreign information media. The programs must be informational or educational, not commercial entertainment.




  • Media reporters
  • Media film crews
  • Video tape editors
  • Producers or distributors of film and/or video of informational or educational films or video tapes
  • Employees of independent production companies if they hold a credential issued by a professional journalistic association of if such credential is unavailable, if the employees satisfy the definition of “representatives of foreign media”
  • Persons in similar occupations if they are engaged indirectly with the primary activities may qualify for an I visa – example: proofreaders.


Technical Aspects


Upon entry into the United States, as an I Visa holder, you will be given D/S (Duration of Status) instead of a date certain to leave. You will be admitted for the duration of your employment and will be able to obtain unlimited extensions for 1 year. There is no requirement of residence abroad and you may adjust your status (file for a green card or lawful permanent residence) and be able to renew your I visa while your green card is pending. Your spouse and children may accompany you but cannot work in the United States.


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