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Fast Track Specialty Occupation Visas for Chileans and Singaporeans


The basic requirements of H-1B1 are identical to those for H-1B except that in addition to the categories of professions under H-1B, 4 additional categories are covered under H-1B1:


Agricultural Manager (Chileans only)


Physical Therapist (Chileans only)


Management Consultants (Chileans and Singaporeans)


Disaster Relief Claims Adjusters (Chileans and Singaporeans)


The procedure is simplified. No petition is filed with USCIS. Instead, the individual applies for the visa directly at the U.S. consulate and submits proof of having filed the Labor Condition Application along with a written offer of employment. No fraud prevention and detection fees have to be paid. Where the profession requires licensure, the applicant may comply with license requirements after entry, not before. The admission of an H-1B1 is for 1 year with extensions granted in one year increments and are not limited to six years. Unlike the H-1B, however, the H-1B1 does not allow dual intent and the applicant must prove that s/he has no intention of abandoning his/her residence abroad and becoming a U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident. The number of visas for Chile are 1,400 and for Singapore 5,400.

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